What If...

365 Positive Possibilities For Your Life

My invitation to you, the traveller…

I have a question for you…are you ready?

”What if…?”

What if today, you chose to face things head on?

What if you could end the monotony of feeling trapped, wishing things could be different?

What if you could end the cycle of being in the same place, year after year?

What if you could step off the hamster wheel of woulda, shouldas and couldas?

o What if you took effortless action and create the life you dream of...

o A life that excites you...

o A life that gives you the motivation to get out of bed each day…

o A life of conscious creation.

Welcome to What if: 365 Positive Possibilities for Your Life!

I am excited that you are up for the excitement and discovery your life will have from this day forward! This journey of discovery will be different for each person. Each of us has the life we are currently living; we also have the life we yearn for. This book will provide you with “what if” considerations which can help you shape your life into your wildest dreams!

How to use:
Keep this book on your night stand or in the sacred space where you journal or meditate. You’ll want to read it again and again! You’ll find as you shift your mindset, let go of beliefs and thoughts no longer serving you, when you read the book again, the same passage will speak to you in a different way.
You may notice something else stands out for you that you didn’t notice before.

That is the magic that happens when you begin to transform your life. You notice things that were in plain sight, but because of your thoughts and mindset, were not in your vision of reality.

I created this book to be fun, simple and a quick way to begin your day! There is 1 “what if” for each day. I have created enough for the entire year!

You can start at the beginning, or anywhere in the book that speaks to you. THIS IS YOUR JOURNEY. YOU DECIDE what feels right for you.

If you have a burning question, a fun way to receive an answer is to sit with the book between your hands and ask your question. Once you feel you have it firmly in your mind, open the book to a certain page. You can also use the same exercise and ask if there is a message for you today and once you are in the space of positivity and high vibration, open the book and read the passage your eyes set upon.

Possible Side Effects:

  • Smiling

  • A more positive attitude and mindset.

  • Happiness and joy.

  • Dreaming BIG and manifesting your goals.

  • Having a purpose that excites you and propels you out of bed in the morning.

  • A high vibration, creating health, and the urge to do wonderful things in this world!

From a young age, I always had this inside drive to help people. From the age of about 6 or 7, I would gather the kids in the neighborhood and make crafts, take them on nature walks and teach them about the trees, flowers and the animals. As a little girl I always had the dream of becoming a Social Service Worker and helping people. Many years later, that dream came true.

I was blessed to work in a non-profit agency for 10 years working with the homeless population, many who were suffering with mental health, trauma and addictions. The ability to work one on one with them; some individuals, some were families; all were rewarding as well as challenging and heart wrenching.

I remember the rewarding times where the individual I was working with was able to change their thoughts. To create a new belief about themselves. To know to their core that they were worthy, and to see them succeed and flourish filled my heart with joy.

The challenging times when the individual couldn’t see past their pain, their past mistakes. The beliefs they had about themselves that they deserved to be punished and didn’t deserve joy and happiness, was devastating.

The heart wrenching times when I witnessed the change in their life, they were beginning to see what was possible, to then leave this world by accident, a set back in their mental health or by the hands of another.

The main thing I realized through all the different times is that thoughts are extremely important. What someone thinks about themself determines how they show up in the world. It determines how they feel about themselves and the actions they take in their everyday life. Those thoughts can make or break them.

During my placement, I was given the task to create a Life Skills Program for the guests in the shelter. With my love for teaching as well as a background in the holistic lifestyle (thanks to my mom, and a story for another time) I created and facilitated a daily program with a holistic twist!

Creating and sharing ideas that had the ability to reconnect someone with their soul was so rewarding and the feedback they would share was insightful and helped me grow and learn as well. At the end of each workshop, I would ask what they were grateful for. For some, they could think of their family, friends, etc. For others there would be eye rolling, a look of “are you kidding me? What do I have to be grateful for?”

I would share with them, if it was sunny, they could go and breathe in the sunshine. If it was raining, Mother Earth was being hydrated as well as all living things. The meal they had eaten, the warm bed they had to sleep in the night before.

Some would pass on sharing what they were grateful for, however, by the end of the week, that person had their hand up because they wanted to share what they were grateful for and it was usually more than one thing!

Being able to introduce gratitude and show my clients their worth, no matter what situation they were faced with, was a turning point for them. I saw lives change. I began to see the spark within them. To see them hold their head high and smile and then return to share the opportunities that had opened up to them.

I created this book based on experiences with my clients, and how a shift in thinking “what if” can change a life dramatically. I have used these “what ifs” in my life as well, helping me shift my mindset as I moved through various experiences and situations that, though difficult and sometimes heart wrenching at the time, were blessings in disguise.

I invite you to take a step forward, shift your mindset, think a bit differently, and see how simply asking “what if” can change your life!

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