I am so grateful and thankful that Brenda felt the calling from the Universe to create this program after our first meeting. Her teachings, wisdom and genuine desire to help others have begun to make a shift to my mindset and I know in my heart that I have finally begun my journey towards healing and creating the life I was meant to live.

I met Brenda when I was going through the most difficult and darkest time in my life. A spiritual awakening or Dark Night of the Soul some might say.

I was in the middle of a highly stressful divorce after a 35 year marriage, I recently lost both my mom and sister within 6 months of each other, unemployed, living on my own for the first time and a world wide panic to top it all off.

Grief, anxiety and depression became my closest companions. My emotions overtook my life, my brain was in a fog and I was barely functioning. I was depressed, isolated, lost and confused.

I’d spent over a year simply existing, rarely leaving my house or bed.

I’d tried traditional talk therapy in the past and while I was working with a new counselor, I wasn’t improving and felt like just giving up so many times.

I reached out to Brenda to simply see if she could offer any help with improving my physical health not even knowing her background. I had met her at an event I attended a while back and kept her business card because I felt a connection somehow.

We shared an afternoon simply sharing stories and I felt I had truly met someone special. Genuine, authentic, compassionate and caring.

I took a leap of faith and enrolled in her 6 week transformation program as I had nothing to lose.

With her program, I am finally beginning to believe in myself and the endless possibilities that still lie ahead of me. Letting go of the past and creating a new life filled with endless opportunities and a life of abundance.

She has taught us about self love, self care and trusting that the Universe/God has bigger plans for us that we can’t even imagine.

Today, I finally look forward to this new life I’m am starting to create. It will take time but I know she will be beside me as I have enrolled in her membership program and I am excited to continue learning, healing and growing.

I feel thankful, optimistic and hopeful for the first time in a very long time.

I’ve heard it said before that “Angels walk amongst us” and I now believe it, for Brenda is truly one of them.

Marissa G

Creators of Transformation

Brenda truly is one of the most honest, genuine people I have come across. She has this ginormous heart so full of love & kindness, you know her main purpose is your best interest whether it be lending an ear or shoulder to cry on to healing/coaching sessions.

I will be honest; I was not 100% sure what to expect when I began this program. I never bought into the whole “vision board” concept - first week - we got together and made vision boards! I thought “ugh, really?!?!” but gave in and went with the process, what did I really have to lose anyway?! Wanting something concrete to compare with, I made myself a reasonable (yet boundary pushing) list of the things I wanted to accomplish. After 6 weeks with Brenda, I have checked all but one thing off my list!!

In explaining the program to a friend, she asked if it was like CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) … maybe … but not really. With Brenda you find, deal, and heal the root of what is holding you back/down. It is not just a tool to help you cope, this program is truly life changing/altering.

Brenda is absolutely 100% real, uplifting, inspirational, understanding, and compassionate. She is an amazing mentor, teacher, confidant, and friend. I am truly grateful and blessed to share my journey with such a beautiful soul.

After 6 weeks with Brenda, I have seen things I had only ever wished for come to life…realized, reached, and set new aspiring goals to achieve.

When you are a Creator of Transformation, the possibilities are endless!!

Susan M

"During this call, I was dealing with 2 close family members suffering from medical issues and Brenda told me all about color therapy. Her knowledge was amazing. She shared what color goes with each chakra, what physical and emotional traits are connected with those colors, and how to use the environment, color-breathing, and crystals to promote healing in specific areas. It not only helped my 2 family members with their medical issues but helped me to cope with caring for them."

Laura S

"Brenda helped guide me through pinpointing what options I want to focus on next (writing, speaking, coaching, MLM business, real estate investing). Through answering her questions, I gained more clarity on my next nonfiction manuscript and realized that what I truly want is to live by inspiration, follow my heart, and have joy and abundance in every aspect of my life."


Thank you again for your creations, I am truly enjoying my interactions with these cards!

With each day's card pull it has been so incredibly helpful and bang on.


Thank you again!

Marcelle B

"Brenda has opened my eyes on my path and has guided me and provided a safe place to learn and ask questions without feeling judged."

Bill M

"Brenda's gentle soul has guided me on a wonderful journey of self-discovery!"

Rhonda M

"Brenda is an amazing coach. She takes time, cares and dedicates herself to every case individually. I highly recommend Brenda for all of your coaching needs!"

Vanessa H

I received my cards today from you Brenda Lanigan and they are even more gorgeous than I had expected! Thank you soooo much!! Can't wait to start working with them

Marybeth H

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