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About Brenda

Brenda’s holistic journey spans over 25 years and counting!

It began when Brenda and her mom Bea began searching for alternative methods when Bea was diagnosed for a second time with cancer. Brenda’s path led to studying Reiki, reflexology, crystals, positive mindset, nutritional counselling and everything about colours. Her knowledge was put to the test 10 years later when her dad was diagnosed with a rare form of skin cancer. The regime of supplements and therapies enabled Brenda’s dad to sail through his radiation treatments with minimal side effects. Ten years later and he is still in remission.

Brenda believes in an aboriginal approach to healing as well as learning, and studied Aboriginal Adult Education on the reserve in New Credit. She has a vast experience and knowledge of trauma, mental health and addictions; being trained as a Crisis Prevention Intervention trainer, Mental Health First Aid trainer, Social Service worker, and trauma training, working 10 years in non-profit with homeless men and women with mental health and addictions.

Brenda’s coaching as well as life skills programming all with a holistic approach, has helped many of her clients get back on their feet and moving forward on their own journey.

Brenda is a speaker, facilitator as well as the published author of What If...365 Positive Possibilities For Your Life. She is also a contributing author in Radiant Realizations, Amazing Women of Influence 2021 and A gift of Gratitude; A Community Book Project.

Oracle cards are a love of Brenda’s and she created her own deck called Natures Devas; Gentle Messages for Healing. This is the first of many as she has quite a few ideas for other decks waiting in the wings !

Most importantly, Brenda is a mom to 2 beautiful women who are living their dreams, a nana (which she says is the best job in the world!!) as well as a friend. She enjoys life to the fullest, is grateful for her family, friends as well as the beauty that surrounds her each and every day.

There are ALWAYS options and resources for any situation. Having a preventative mindset rather than a reactive one will provide a life of empowerment with new meaning, purpose and happiness in all you do.

I invite you to take a nice deep breath…………..and let go…of all tension and stress…………breathe in life giving energy…feel your body begin to calm…….Welcome…

I Have Experience With…

Social Service Worker/Certified Life and Holistic Coach

For a decade, I worked as a Social Service Worker at a non-profit organization, helping clients regain control of their lives and progress forward by providing them with various options. I also conducted group life skills sessions with a holistic approach, which was tremendously rewarding and the inspiration for my book "What If...365 Positive Possibilities for Your Life! Obtaining certification and acquiring additional training in holistic and life coaching has expanded my abilities to support clients, both individually and in group settings.

Mental Health

I have gained valuable experience in the field of trauma and mental health by working with clients dealing with hoarding, bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, addiction issues, as well as by serving as a former trainer and facilitator for Mental Health First Aid and Crisis Prevention and Intervention.

Colour Therapy

Promoting good mental health through the sharing the benefits of colors, while also incorporating self-care practices and learning to breathe in these vibrant hues for overall better health and wellbeing. Additionally, exploring the benefits of color light therapy to uplift, balance and restore your mind, body and spirit.

Holistic Therapies

By integrating a range of holistic techniques like Reiki, Ho'onoponopono, and Essential Oils, along with positive mindset and Person Centered Training tailored to each client's requirements, our coaching sessions offer a more profound level of self-awareness, transformation, and the power to effect change.

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